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Trumpet Creeper Vine, Unruly And Dominating In It's Beauty

Posted by Tammy Sons on Mar 21 , 2018

Trumpet Vines Are A Hummingbird's Delight

The Trumpet creeper a perennial vine also known by the scientific name Campsis radicans. When this plant vine is in bloom, it produced flowers that resemble the shape of trumpets. The flowers and long and thin with a wide opening at the end making it a tubular plant. The flowers can be red, yellow, or orange. Many people like these plants in their yard because they are beautiful. They also like that the plants are appealing and attract birds including hummingbirds.

It is beautiful and adds an abundance of color and life to all gardens and natural areas.  This plant loves to be located in well drained soils and can also survive moist and dry soil conditions.  These vines are magnificent as they grow and look great when added to arbors and trellises for gardens and also sidewalk entrances.

Fast Growing Trumpet Vine 

This vine is fast growing and is easy for those that do not have much gardening experience. The flowers will be fully bloomed in the summer and will last into the fall. Inside of the tube is a seed that is shaped like a bean. While these vines may appear to die off in the colder months, they are ready to bloom again in the spring. When the plants begin to wilt, they turn brown and split apart. The seed will then be released into the air, and they will be able to grow again next year.

These vines can be planted on a pole or a trellis. As they grow, they will become upward and cover it adding a great look to the yard. Instead of an ugly vine, these flowers will make allow the yard to look great. Since they are in bloom for several months, they are a colorful touch to a landscaping project.

Trumpet Creeper  - 3 For $20.99

The trumpet creep is excellent for people that want to add some color to their landscape. This flower has an unusual shape and is attractive to hummingbirds. The leaves on this plant are green which look lovely against the color of the flowers. This vine is great for anyone that wants to add a touch of color to their yard.

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