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Trees For All Seasons And Every Occasion: Perfect Planting

Posted by Tammy Sons on 31st Jan 2016

Do you need a flowering tree for your backyard? Something to enjoy while you read a book on the patio? What about a shade tree for the kids to play under on summer days? How about a tree with interesting seed pods to use in your next autumn centerpiece? Give the fisherman's tree a try.

The beautiful heart-shaped leaves give deep shade for those hot afternoons. Though you might not first think so given the name, the flowers on a fisherman's tree are ornamental enough to grow one for them alone. Finally, the seed pods are perfect for those days you need something extra for the flower vase. Use them fresh spilling over the edge of a vessel for a lush look or dried to add height and texture to a fall table. Find Catalpa, or fisherman's tree, among our balled trees.