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Trees Add Value to A Home And Do The Same With  Appraisals

Trees Add Value to A Home And Do The Same With Appraisals

Posted by Tammy Sons on 31st Jan 2016

Most people don't realize that plants, trees, and shrubs can add a substantial amount of money to your home, but it does.

For example, a 1500 sq foot home with two bedrooms and one bath in a middle-class neighborhood can run around 90,000 dollars, but the same home with a nicely landscaped front entryway and backyard can cost you around 100,000-110,000 dollars. But why, you may ask?

Trees such as shade trees can add value to your property because people want an area where they can relax, hang out with family and friends all while being in the shade. 

The same for a nicely landscaped backyard, people find them inviting as well as it gives you a good foundation to go on versus a home where it’s a clean slate, and you have to start from scratch which costs more money. So why not invest in plants, trees, and shrubs for your home? After all, you will see the rewards in the end!

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