Transplanting: A Practical Time, And Money Saver For You

Posted by Tammy Sons on 2nd Feb 2016

Monday, July 18

Does your yard seem overwhelmed with all your luscious and vibrant overgrown plants? Why not transplant them so that you can break them up and give your plants some space and breathing room?

Transplanting to so many people almost seems like a Greek word when really its simple and easy to do.

If you have bulb plants like hosta, you can simply take a shovel or spade and break the bulb clusters apart and replant the excess bulbs anywhere else that you prefer. Bulbs are easy growers which mean that can grow well in almost any type of soil, climate or condition.

If you are trying to start or make another natural area in your yard planting is an easy solution if you are trying to do it on a tight budget.