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TN Reviews: Fruit Trees Are Great For Your Home Garden

TN Reviews: Fruit Trees Are Great For Your Home Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 27 , 2016

Today, our TN Nursery review is going to cover what some great fruit trees are for your home garden. 

Gardening is without a doubt a bit of hard work, but it is a wonderful outlet for our creativity as well. Gardening is one of those hobbies where they saying “enjoy the fruits of your labor” can be taken literally! 

If you are a gardener and a fruit lover, is there anything better than designing a garden that hosts amazing trees that look beautiful and supply you with a bounty of fresh fruit? 

It is impossible to say any tree is better than the other because so much of what makes any fruit tree great is personal preference. Rather than say “these are the best” we’re going to provide a look at a few of our personal favorites here at TN Tree Nursery. Review them and see what you think - hopefully you can get a couple great new ideas!

The Red Haven Fruit Peach Tree is one of our absolute favorites! The Red Haven fruit tree grows best in moist well drained soil, so that is the first thing you need to keep in mind. It can grow up to a height of 15-30 feet tall which is the second thing to consider before choosing this tree. Thirty feet tall may not sound like much, but you have to consider that figure in relation to the space you have to work with.

Red Haven trees will provide peaches each summer that are simply put to die for! They can be eaten fresh or used in jams and jellies. If you love preserves, this is a great choice of fruit trees. Peaches are rich in Vitamin A and C along with a healthy helping of potassium and fiber, so they are healthy as well as delicious! The Red Haven has lovely pink flowers which bloom each spring as a beautiful way to mark the arrival of a new season.

Black Tartarian Cherry fruiting trees are another TN Tree Nursery favorite. The sweet berries from the Black Tartarian are actually a very deep shade of purple when ripe, but somehow they got labeled as black and the name stuck. You can tell the difference between rip and un-ripened berries on site. Ripe berries are a deep purple as stated above, while un-ripened berries will appear more of a standard reddish color. The cherries are ready during the spring summer - sometimes they end fruiting in early summer. What is important to keep in mind is that Black Tartarian trees are not ideal for warm climates, but they can still look nice even if they do very little fruiting. During summer you will notice pink and white blooms that are absolutely exquisite!

Bartlett Pear trees produce a yellow colored pear which is regarded as being juicy and smooth. The Brtlett pear tree has a European ancestry which is a little piece of knowledge fe people usually know. In order to grow this tree successfully you need to have plenty of sunlight and water. Some pear trees thrive in cold climates, but the Bartlett is decidedly not one of them. Fresh Bartlett pears taste great right off the tree, but they are equally good for baking, jams and jellies, or pretty much anything you can think of.

Goldcot apricot trees grow as tall as around 18, producing a round fruit that looks a lot like a small peach at first glance. Goldcot apricots can be consumed fresh, but are often regarded as being at their best when used in any number of desserts. When in bloom during the spring, Goldcot apricot trees are marked by white and pink flowers that are quite beautiful. What you need to keep in mind before choosing this tree for your garden is that they need a lot of sunlight. They can adapt to different soil types to a degree, but they grow their best in sandy, loamy or clay soil.

The Methley Plum fruit tree is our final, but hardly least, favorite pick for fruiting trees suited to home gardens. The Methley plum tree has reddish-purple plums that are sweet when ripe. Once these ripen up, it is hard to not eat them as soon as they are picked! One of the things, besides great fruit, that makes this a great tree for home gardens is that it is very resistant to disease and that it also does an extensive amount of self pollinating.

We have chosen these trees as our favorites for a home garden not just because they bear delicious fruit and have wonderfully beautiful blooms, but because they are ideal for home gardens. Not all fruit trees are as equally suited for this role. They do require some maintenance, but nothing that would be considered extravagant or overly time consuming. Most anyone can get these trees to grow well with a little TLC whether they are new to growing trees or have some experience.

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