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TN Nursery Reviews Winter Garden Wonderlands Stun Everyone

TN Nursery Reviews Winter Garden Wonderlands Stun Everyone

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 27 , 2016

If you are planning to redesign your garden this winter, there are many choices of plants available that will do an able job - but there are a few that are particularly beautiful and suited to the winter that deserves special consideration.

The emerald green shades of a healthy plant against a winter backdrop can be breathtaking. Wintergreen plants can grow and remain green during the winter when many other plants are dying or already dead. Of the many varieties of flowering plants, shrubs, and trees that you can plant during winter, here are our favorites.

Checkerberry, known adequately as Gaultheria procumbent, is primarily found in North America. Checkerberry plants are very adaptable to cold winters, making them ideal even in many harsh climates. Checkerberry is an evergreen shrub that is adorned with white or pink colored flowers which bloom during summers. These are perennial plants which can grow up to 10-15 centimeters in height. These shrubs are very drought resistant and require soil with a pH level of 4 – 6.5.

Azaleas are another evergreen plant - which incidentally looks great when grown with Checkerberry plants - which can help make any winter garden pop with vibrant beauty. Azaleas bloom during spring and are multi-colored (primarily red, white and pink). They have almost the same growing conditions as Checkerberry plant. Azaleas grow in acidic soil which should be well drained and with the pH level of 4.5 – 6.0.

Bergenia are perennial plants which can be grown with Azaleas and Checkerberry. Their flowers are cone-shaped and appear in several pink shades. While Bergenia will grow in most soils without any problem, soil that is moist and rich in humus is preferred. They can grow in extreme temperatures which range from -35 °F to 115 °F. If you are looking for really hardy winter plant that will grow almost anywhere, the Bergenia is a great choice.

Whatever choice you make for your winter garden, be sure to do a little research first.

Make sure that everything is suited to your USDA growing zone and that you have a soil pH that matches the needs of your plants as well. With a little imagination and the right plants, you can make a winter garden to remember.

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