Tn Nursery Reviews: Don't Make A New Year's Resolution

Posted by Tammy Sons on 29th Dec 2016

  • At Tn Nursery we are all making resolutions. Here are some greet tips to help you along the road in to the new year.
  • Let's face it, American's love to eat. We, instead of eating to live, we live to eat, eat out, yes that's my biggie. Stats show that a whopping 47% of all families on payday the first thing they do is look up a restaurant to go to and spend some of their paychecks. Most other countries eat at home and carry their lunch. Not many American's do this anymore or shall I say at all.
    One of the top New Year's Resolutions is to lose weight. That's a daunting task when you love fast food or the wrong kinds of foods like those mouth-watering carbs and sweets. We all need more exercise, maintain a healthy lifestyle and stop all those bad habits.But doing these things are easier said than done.
    I remember quite well when I was in my 20's. I was overweight and happy, or at least I thought I was. Until my spouse's grandmother, a mean and hateful old lady to say the least came to our house. I was young, quiet and kind. So unlike I am now at 47, I'd blow her hair back in a New York heartbeat If I were to hear her say now what she did then. She looked at me and said, " you're as fat as a hog." I felt my heart fall on my chest. With my poor husband sitting there not knowing whether to console me or slap her, I could see it all over his face. That was a turn-around point in my life. That old but hurt me more than stitches could. After all, it cut my heart from my chest. She'd dead now, but Lord knows she had a mean mouth.
    After her visit, I will never forget, I decided I'd do something about my weight. I'd show her; I did too. That same evening I threw away all our chips, my favorite. My husband and our 12 years old both decided to hate up on me for throwing all the "good stuff" away, but I did. The only time they'd get "good stuff" was when they went to the store for a long time, because I sure wasn't going to have that temptation of those corn cheese looking at me in the face every time I went to the food cabinet. I wasn't about to buy that good stuff that made her call me a "fat hog." No way. Never again I said will I called a fat hog, sow or cow.
    That evening as I said, I did something about it. I went on a 2-mile loop around our neighborhood. There were lots of dogs and house by a house I'd fight them off or run them off honestly. I walked 2 miles that day, and I started eating turkey sandwiches and baked potatoes instead of pizza and chips. I traded my sugar-filled drinks, Pepsi was always my favorite for sugar-free lemonade. The first week I was down 4 lbs! Yay! I was in my 20's so the weight came right off with some effort.
    By the time a month has passed, I was down 14 lbs. Wow, I was off the 200 mark by about 11 lbs now. I was at a good point in my motivation. I walked 3-4 laps with a friend every day, and within 4-5 months I was down 54 lbs. I thought to myself "now, let's hear that old bitty call me a fat hog now." I felt great, inside and out. Now, after all these years and two more children, the weights crept back on, 20 years later. I'd love to make that same resolution I made on that hot summer day in August, but I will be the first to say, I am not in my 20's anymore, and I don't have the motivation. 
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