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Tn Nursery Reviews

Posted by Tammy Sons on Oct 15 , 2020

My View of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery 3-4-2019

Recently while doing some ground-work around my home, I realized that my gardens surrounding my front patio were looking rather dull. The plants that I had in there were looking disheveled and colorless, and there wasn't much "life."

So I did some research on a couple of websites that delivered plants/trees within the U.S., and I stumbled across "Tennesee Wholesale Nursery!" I was mainly looking for three qualities:Cheap, professional, and variety. This site hit all three right on the head. Other sites may have had similar prices, but they didn't have the selection I was looking for. Or they had a good, but their prices were outrageous! Tennessee Wholesale Nursery was the right choice for me.

I browsed around a little bit through their categories (which was easy to navigate, the site is exceptionally user-friendly) and I decided that I wanted a flowering tree - the black cherry. As I was entering in payment information, I realized that I didn't know how to grow/maintain Black Cherry trees since I've never had one before. But thankfully the website has breakdowns on what conditions to put each plant into to help it grow best, as well as a couple of vital statistics too!

Image result for front patio gardens

I pulled the trigger on the purchase, and my cherry tree ended up being delivered to my door just two days later, and in excellent condition. They take excellent care in packaging the plant, so it doesn't get damaged on its way through shipping.

Overall, I highly recommend using Tennessee Wholesale Nursery to buy whatever plant-life you need! Great selection, excellent service, and I will be ordering from them shortly!

If Tennessee Wholesale Nursery helped me spice up my garden, then they can certainly help anyone :)Thank you!