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TN Nursery Offers Superb Shipping and Packaging For You

TN Nursery Offers Superb Shipping and Packaging For You

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 27 , 2016

When you order from TN Nursery, you will have no worries whether your plants and trees will arrive in healthy condition. 

This top of the line online nursery knows exactly what to do to make sure you receive beautiful plants and trees.

This plant and tree nursery is very knowledgeable about preparing their plants and trees to ship to you. They will always make sure when you order plants from this nursery, that they are prepared and packed in peat moss to ensure they keep their moisture while in transit to you. TN Nursery will supply each plant with the correct amount of moisture needed and will make sure it has the proper amount of peat moss to make sure it arrives healthy and ready to plant. This great online nursery also will prepare all of their bare root trees for shipping and will give them the special care that they need. Each of the bare root trees you order from this tree farm will have their roots dipped in Terra-sorb. This is a product made for protecting those delicate roots during in shipment. The staff at TN Nursery will carefully dip the roots of their trees to make sure they will not dry out during shipment and keep moisture around them. This product also can improve the growth of your tree after it is planted. The online nursery of TN Nursery will also use their great shipping and will make sure that your plants and trees arrive within 3 to 5 days after your order is shipped. Their shipping is also calculated by the size of your order to make sure you get the lowest shipping rates possible.

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