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The Types of Fast Growing Trees That You Should Be Using

The Types of Fast Growing Trees That You Should Be Using

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jul 13 , 2013

The Best Selection of Fast Growing Trees


There are many different reasons for wanting trees around. They look nice. They provide shade. Trees combat global warming. Trees clean the air. They cool the air and help prevent soil erosion. 

The major downside of trees is their slow-growing time. Especially if your seeking some for landscaping purposes. To remedy this, what are some of the faster-growing trees out there?

Maple trees are known for their colorful leaves that turn the chilly month of October into a vivid explosive expression of Autumn. Depending on the type of Maple available to you they can grow around a half an inch to an inch a year. If left to their own devices maple trees can reach heights of up to seventy feet. Buy quality garden plants to make for healthy landscapes,

Tulip poplar trees grow at the rate of eighteen inches per year and can reach heights of one hundred and fifty feet. Most growth occurs in trees younger than ten years making these particular plants ideal for landscaping. Given how large they can get tulip poplar trees grow best in rural settings where they're large roots can grow uninhibited.

Empress trees top the growth rate of fifteen feet per year. The spring flowers smell like lavender and reach maturity in five short years. It's a very easy to grow tree and drought resistant. The empress trees tend to grow more slowly in colder weather or die off until the summer months. Their rapid growth rate allows for trees to easily tower in height in a short amount of time. These trees reach heights of around forty feet.

These three species are some of the fastest growing trees

Maple trees grow at an inch per year. They can reach impressive heights of around seventy feet within ten years. Tulip poplar trees outgrow maples at eighteen inches per year and reach an impressive height of one hundred and fifty feet. Topping them in growth is empress trees who reach maturity in five years and grow twelve feet a year. Selecting a type of tree all depends on your needs. Research is always encouraged before committing time and space to a tree that's going to grow regarding years.

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