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The Spring Planting Season Is Just Right Around the Corner

The Spring Planting Season Is Just Right Around the Corner

Posted by Tammy Sons on 17th Mar 2014

The long winter season is about to come to an end, and that means the flowers are going to be making their long-awaited comeback. 

The spring thaw is a great time to get those perennials and wildflowers in the ground so the roots can develop. 

The earlier that you can get them on the ground the sooner, they will bloom and transform your landscaping. 

As long as you get starting planting as soon as the spring arrives, you stand a better chance of seeing all those ferns, trees, and shrubs get on a regular schedule the following year.

As soon as you start planting garden plants, it is important to get them enough water every day. The water will stimulate the roots and get them blooming much faster. The best way to ensure that your plants will last through the year is to ensure they are all planted at their proper depth. Planting slightly deeper than the recommended depth will help to keep rodents from going after all your new wildflowers and perennials.

When it comes to planting bulbs in the spring, use a garden spade to get the bulbs put in the ground in groups. The garden spade will make it much easier to line up the bulbs side by side when you have a large amount to get on the ground. Planting garden plants and bulbs in holes about 6 inches in diameter, this will ensure they get the right amount of nutrients once you cover them. To create companion planting, try to layer the bulbs of different flowers from top to bottom in the same hole. Consider planting garden plants in this manner, and then border the outside of the area with your shrubs, trees, or ferns.

Planting a couple of different types of hyacinths is ideal because they both will bloom together in spring. Some hyacinths will create a low ground cover that will last through the autumn months, making it very easy to spot the next year, so you avoid planting on top of them. The reason interplanting in the spring is so effective is because you get the maximum amount of different blooming flowers in the smallest amount of space. Planting your perennials all around those bulbs will give your garden a succession growth throughout the year. Basically when the bulbs begin to dwindle the other plants will rise.

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