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The Fragrant Hall's Japanese Honeysuckle Vine

The Fragrant Hall's Japanese Honeysuckle Vine

Posted by Tammy Sons on 6th May 2020

Honeysuckle Azalea Vine - Rhododendron luteum

This beautiful hummingbird attracting vine makes a fantastic addition to gardens in zones 6 to 9. You can expect to see their gorgeous yellow blooms shine in May. The flowers are incredibly showy and fragrant. They have a distinct sweet smell, and their tubular shape is perfect for hummingbirds looking for a meal.

Besides hummingbirds, they also attract plenty of butterflies. The Honeysuckle Azalea Vine needs to be placed in acidic, light, sandy, well-drained soils with shade. They will burn and die if placed in direct sunlight. When you plant them make sure they are set in soils that will drain well; the roots are not successful if kept wet and will lead to root rot. Be mindful of any heavy winds you experience on your property as the wind might damage the plants.

Honeysuckle Vine Photograph by Debra Johnson

Growing beautiful Honeysuckle vines

They grow upwards as a vine but can become ill and damaged if under the pressure of too much wind. It's advised to cover the base of the plant with mulch, wood chips or pine needles will keep the plant insulated and safe during cold winter months. During the first ten years, you can expect this plant to grow as much as five feet tall. They have been known to grow up to nine to twelve feet tall if given the time and space.

The leaves are stiff and covered with hairs. In the fall, you can expect to be surprised by the change of color in the leaves, which range from yellow, orange, and red. When the flowers do bloom in the spring, they will stay in tight clusters creating beautiful scented bouquets.

If you need a beautiful vine that will bloom and delight in the spring and change colors and show off in the fall, this is a perfect plant to do it. It will perform well in mixed borders, around native plant gardens, woodland type gardens, and even near patios or on the sides of homes. 

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