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​Hardiest Flowering Vines

​Hardiest Flowering Vines

Posted by Tammy Sons on 8th Nov 2018

Hardiest Flowering VinesVines provide many great landscaping functions. They are not only an excellent way to fill vertical spaces, but flowering vines can also offer exciting and exotic color to a la … read more

Flock to Phlox

Posted by Tammy Sons on 3rd Feb 2016

Wednesday, March 2Tennessee Nursery's best selling wholesale perennial is Phlox. TN Nursery wholesale perennial phlox is always a perennial gardener's favorite plant. Phlox Bifida Stellaria Glade Phlo … read more

Top 5 Perennials for Your Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on 31st Jan 2016

By Tammy SonsEvery gardener wants to keep his garden green and lively. We all wish to make it look beautiful and serene. To keep the garden green throughout the year, you can plant many great perennia … read more

Phlox Information & Medicinal Uses

Posted by Tammy Sons on 26th Jan 2016

By Tammy SonsInformation About PhloxThe Phlox has several medicinal uses. It was used by several native tribes to treat a variety of health problems. This plant you will find in rocky places and high … read more