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Native Grasses and Water Plants

18th Jun 2014

Native grasses and water plants look tremendous when planted around bodies of water and also in other areas. These grasses and plants are unique because they will also work well in preventing soil ero … read more

Water Plants can create tranquility

Posted by TN Nursery on 2nd Jun 2014

Finding plants that will do great around a pond can sometimes be a little tricky. These plants will need to grow well in very moist soil conditions and will need to be able to thrive around or in wate … read more

Water gardens create peace

Posted by TN Nursery on 26th May 2014

A patio is a way to think in peace, to add to the relaxing nature of the patio water garden might be added. Near a patio water garden, may add color and ambient noise of relaxation. Water Gardens are … read more