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Moss For Sale

Moss For Sale

Posted by Tammy Sons on 5th Apr 2018

Moss is a shade loving moisture rich garden staple that does not require vigorous hours of maintenance and work. Planting mosses is super easy, all it requires is to simply scratch the surface of the … read more

Mood Moss

Posted by Tammy Sons on 24th Jun 2017

Mood MossMood Moss- Dicranum scopariumHardy Planting Zones- 1-7Sun or Shade - Full shade to part shade Mature Height - 1-5"Mature Width- 3-4"Bloom Season- Summer Mood moss can be seen growing in many … read more

Moss in Landscaping

Posted by Tammy Sons on 7th Nov 2015

What Are the Many Uses of Mosses in Landscaping?Most of us have moss some place in our landscape. Most might even consider moss a nuisance. But, before you try to eliminate the moss landscape, why not … read more

Three Top Choices For Beautiful Gardens

Posted by Tammy Sons on 15th Oct 2015

Ferns Make Excellent Border PlantsLandscaping in a yard not only makes your house look beautiful and raise your curb appeal, but it also increases the worth of your home. Proper plant and foliage plac … read more

Live Moss Enhances A Garden

21st May 2013

Live Moss Enhances A GardenMosses are small, herbaceous plants that prefer to grow in shaded areas. There are about 12,000 different kinds of moss, but all lack veined leaves. Moss usually grows as a … read more