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Plants That Attract Wildlife

Posted by Tammy Sons on 4th Oct 2017

Wildlife Attractant PlantsThe duck potatoes or Sagittaria latifolia, and the cattail or Typha are both wetlands plants which are naturally occurring in wetlands states Tammy Sons, of Tn Nursery, … read more

The Many Uses For Wetland Plants

Posted by Tammy Sons on 30th Aug 2017

Wetland Plants are Excellent for Home Pond or Near Lakes and Swampy AreasIf you've ever seen large ponds and wetlands on a property and wondered if you could have the same in your backyard, it's possi … read more

Landscaping With Water

Posted by Tammy Sons on 2nd Feb 2016

Monday, April 11Although 70% of the earth is covered by water, our gardens don't usually reflect that. If you'd like to create a water feature in your garden, it's not as hard as you might think. For … read more