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Shade Tree Benefits in Landscaping

Shade Tree Benefits in Landscaping

Posted by Tammy Sons on Oct 15 , 2020

Shade Trees


Shade trees enhance the beauty of any property. With their extended canopies, these trees offer a welcomed shield from the scorching rays of the summer sun.

Although these beautiful trees add to your home's curb appeal, there are a few practical reasons to consider planting these types of trees.

  • Large shaded trees offer privacy from neighbors and onlookers.
  • Due to their leafy layers, these trees reduce noise.
  • Shaded trees keep the yard and the interior of your home cool.


Selecting Shade Trees

Choosing a tree that provides shade requires careful research and planning. Before you plant this type of tree in your outdoor space, you must take into consideration the size of your yard and planting requirements. Listed below are a few actions that you can take to ensure that you are planting a tree that is right for your situation.

1. Select the best spot in your yard that would accommodate the tree. The tree should be planted in an area that provides enough room for its branches to expand throughout the years. Select a spot in which the tree will be able to get a minimum of 6 hours of direct rays from the sun.

2. Choose a tree that will thrive in your climate. A tree that grows well in California may not necessarily thrive in Maryland.

3. Consider the amount of upkeep that the tree will require. Maintaining a healthy tree requires a time commitment for maintenance and upkeep. If your leisure time is limited, select a tree that does not shed most of its leaves. This will reduce the time you will spend raking leaves.

4. Get input from a gardener or an expert at your local nursery. There are plenty of tree specialists who can answer your questions and help you select an appropriate tree.

Types of Shade Trees

There are a variety of trees that provide shade. Popular types of shaded trees include Weeping Willow, Paper Birch, American Sycamore and Nuttall Oak. Not only do these trees beautify your yard, but they grow at a fast rate.

1. Weeping Willows grow well near lakes and rivers. With an annual growth rate of 3 to 8 feet, these trees thrive in drier climates.

2. Paper Birch trees are known for their beautiful white bark. An added benefit of planting Paper Birch trees is they produce a sap that can be used to make batches of syrup.

3. American Sycamore trees grow an average rate of 6 feet per year. These trees are usually located near lakes, ponds and rivers.

4. Nuttall Oaks are also known as pin oaks and red oaks. Squirrels and deer enjoy the benefits of these trees because they provide an abundance of acorns.

Planting a shade tree is an ideal way to add value to your outdoor space. These types of trees will provide enjoyment for years to come.