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Red Seedless Blackberries, What A Delicious Treat For You

Red Seedless Blackberries, What A Delicious Treat For You

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Monday, April 4

Who doesn’t like blackberries? Blackberries are a great and vital part to our everyday life because they are a fruit and who doesn’t like fruit? 

Fruit is a great treat for not only breakfast, but also a snack with lunch, supper or anytime during the day. It doesn’t matter if you like grapes, oranges, apples or tangerines, a blackberry or raspberry is always a good treat.

Blackberries come in all shapes, sizes and kinds most people prefer seedless ones.

Although the red blackberries do not look like the traditional black ones that many of us are used to they often go mistaken for some other kind of fruit. We always seem to see the typical black blackberry, but very untypical that we see a red blackberry.

The worst part of blackberries are the mess that can occur when picking them. Blackberries are often eaten yet many hate to grown them because they can be messy. I know for many years I have grown up around my father’s house where we have had many blackberry bushes growing, the worst part of picking them is the mess. You learn very early never to wear good clothes, because whatever you have on seems to quickly turn to a bright purplish-red color, your shoes, hands, arms almost anywhere that the berries touch you end up being purple-red in the end.

Blackberries have many uses such as pies, jams, jellies, ailments and it don’t matter what color of black berry that you choose to use – you can use red or black they are all the same. Blackberries are rapid growers and the key to growing good blackberries are the vines, making sure that you stake up the plants or give them something to grow on will allow them to thrive. Once you get a good crop of blackberries growing it is almost impossible to get rid of them, they can thrive well for many years.

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