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Planting Wild Strawberry Plants For The Ultimate Taste

Planting Wild Strawberry Plants For The Ultimate Taste

Posted by Tammy Sons on May 14 , 2013

Wild Strawberry Plants - What A Delectible Dish!  

Wild strawberries are grown all over the world and used in countless dishes.

Many people think twice before buying their fruits from traditional stores. Wild strawberries are sweeter than others, in addition to being fresher and healthier, because they contain fewer chemicals like pesticides. Berries are simple to grow anywhere as long as nutritious soil, and adequate sunlight is available. Find a quality supplier, and buy them here.

Follow specific planting instructions if you want to cultivate the best wild strawberries. The two significant factors are good soil and irrigation. 

Manage your water and soil nutrient well if you want healthy food. First, choose the best area to place the strawberries. It must have proper drainage and minimal clay. Make sure it has plenty of sunlight. Plant after winter ends and spring begins.

Before you dig a space for the strawberries, take out all the weeds since this fruit is not compatible with other plants. If you are planting seeds, place them a few feet apart and bury them a few inches below the soil. Put down many seeds because they are less likely to prosper than seedlings.

Review the moisture level of the soil every day. Look for sprouting at least once a month. Lay weed barriers like straw around the seedlings. This action prevents the growth of weeds and seals in the moisture. Spread smashed eggshells around the growth as a way to keep out slugs and other small creatures. Care for the area regularly and start to see strawberries by mid-spring.

Having good, slightly acidic soil is important for strawberries. The plants do not grow with excessive pH, and you may need a supplement of iron. If the soil is not suitable, consider buying topsoil and growing potted plants.

To keep out small animals, place wired stakes around the area. The berries lure in animals before the ripening period. By summer, find fresh berries. Plants create a few crops every year, and the quantity goes down as they age. It is important to consider the need to use new plants. Follow planting instructions properly and create whole fields of strawberries.

Once you start your patch, you will realize those wild strawberries are sweeter than others found at typical grocery stores. Learn about the different plant varieties, so you know about the different sizes, looks, and tastes. Buy them here and enjoy them throughout the seasons.

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