Planting on a budget: A Fun And Easy Way To Garden All Year

Posted by Tammy Sons on 2nd Feb 2016

Monday, July 18

Now a days with the economy being so slow and so many people lsoing their jobs, money is tighter. People are watching their pennies more and more. With everyone on such tight budgets often times they start having to let their yards go even if they don't want to because they just don't have enough money to keep it up. But, did you know you don't have to?

With a little creativity and time you still can make your yard look great and just spend a few small pennies.

Who doesn't have an old pot or pan sitting around the yard that has been burnt? At sometime or another we all have let something burn, why throw it away when you can recycle it?

By taking an old pot or pan that has been scorched and making a few small holes in the bottom for drainage which you can do with a drill or a nail and hammer and then filling it with potting soil or dirt you can fill it with yourplants and flowers. If you are on a tight budget you can even transplant a few of your own established plants in order to save money.

Planting plants, decorating your yard and landscaping doesn't have to cost a lot of money it can all be done for just pennies using a little creativity