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Perennial Plants: A Widely Loved Plant That Is A Favorite

Perennial Plants: A Widely Loved Plant That Is A Favorite

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jun 13 , 2015

When planning your purchases to enhance your lawn or garden, first consider your hardiness zone. 

You want to choose plants that will grow easily and wildly in many areas but have been naturalized quite well for garden use. 

Most Perennials bloom early to mid spring and continue blooming throughout the mid-summer months.

Virginia bluebells offer pretty light blue to purple blooms and are easy to care for.

Larkspur flowers are great perennials.

Another Great Perennial: Day Lilies. Daylilies have been popular for generations. They grace a garden for many years with little to no care at all. They adapt well to almost any growing conditions and fare well in a wide variety of soil types and different lighting locations. They grow very fast and vigorously. Daylilies are excellent choices as border plants and for use as a ground cover in a sloping area. They are also available in a large selection of long-lasting bloom colors making them even more versatile in the garden.

Trilliums Are Exotic Choices in Perennial Plants. Trilliums are another beautiful choice for perennials. They are one of the first plants to grace your garden with their blooms in the spring. Their blooms can be a crisp white, a shade of yellow, or even a deep maroon tone. Depending on the variety you choose, they can also be very low to the ground or as tall as eighteen inches in height. Trilliums are best planted in a shaded area of your yard and look great amongst the trees in a wooded area.

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