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Mitchella Repens: An Attractive Woodland Plant With Style

Mitchella Repens: An Attractive Woodland Plant With Style

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 02 , 2016

Mitchella Repens

Mitchella Repens-Rubiaceae

The Mitchella Repens is a creeping bush that grows at a slow to moderate rate. It gets no bigger than two inches tall and up to twelve inches around. This plant was often used by Native American women to make a tea from the leaves to ease childbirth pain. The plant does form berries, but they are rather bland even though they are edible. The leaves are oval or round in shape with a dark, green color. They are also very glossy compared to most plants. The Mitchella Repens loves to sit in sandy or well-draining soil where it can get moisture several times a week. It also likes humus-rich and acidic soils. It does well in medium moisture climates with partial or full shade. The plant blooms from May until July each year with two flowers close to each other. They are often yellow or white with four petals to each bloom. The flowers have a funnel shape to them, and they are very fragrant making it a nice selection of residential flower beds or local businesses who need something in a bordering garden bed for their building. In the fall, the blooms create one bright, red berry that draws partridges, grouse, bobwhites, turkeys, and skunks.

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Caring for your Mitchella Repens

The Mitchella Repens is often characterized as a ground cover plant because of its size and the lack of effort it takes to maintain the plant. As long as it is watered a few times a week, it is often a happy plant that will thrive all year long. Landscapers and planting companies typically use it in gardens for keeping the flower beds looking vibrant over the winter months. The Mitchella Repens comes from Minnesota where it is often found along bogs, marsh areas, and near bluffs. It grows fairly well in climates that are free from drought or those that only experience brief periods of dry conditions followed by rainy days. 

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