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May Apple For Sale At The Tn Nursery, Get Plants You Need

May Apple For Sale At The Tn Nursery, Get Plants You Need

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 26 , 2016

Mayapple is a perennial wildflower that is much more common in native woodland areas than in cultivated gardens. 

As a shade-tolerant plant, mayapple is a natural for woodland gardens.

If you live in eastern North America, consider mayapple for your native-plant garden. If you live elsewhere in its hardiness range and wish to grow it, take comfort in the fact that this plant is known to naturalize easily. In fact, if the conditions are right, mayapple might naturalize a bit too freely and spread out of control

On the one hand, the "apple" of this plant is edible. On the other hand, you may have heard that mayapple is a poisonous plants. Both points are true.

Be careful to eat only the fully ripened fruit. While the ripe, golden fruit is delicious, but if you eat the fruit while it is still green, you might become ill with gastrointestinal symptoms.

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