Landscaping With Ground Covers

Posted by Tammy Sons on 2nd Feb 2016

Sunday, February 20

Ground covers are perfect in landscaping around sidewalks,patios or anywhere there's not alot of sun and the ground needs something to landscape with that doesnt get very large.Periwinkle Ground Covers are the #1 seller at our plant nursery.Its an evergreen vine and blooms delicate lavander blooms upto 2 months in the spring and summer.Its foliage is evergreen and stays nice and dark year round.Vinca Minor is the latin name for the dwarf periwinkle ground cover vining plants.

Hedra Helix is another garden favorite.It too stays green year round,being in the evergreen vining ground cover family.its leaves are larger than the periwinkle but has larger roots and also an excellent ground cover for soil erosion ,to be planting on steep hillsides where you cant get to with weedeaters and lawnmowers.Its also a fast grower and multiplies fast.Its also called the English Ivy.It has a varigated vein running through the center of it's leaves .Giving it a very distinctive look.

Lastly,the third choice of garden plant ground covers is the Ajuga Vines.They are hardy and do well in sun or shade and perfer to be left alone.Little or no maintence with these vines as with the former two.Just plant them and watch them take off.