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Jack In The Pulpit Plant Is Used For A Lot Of Elements

Jack In The Pulpit Plant Is Used For A Lot Of Elements

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 26 , 2016

Jack in the Pulpit is a lovely plant. It has been called by several names, such as Brown Dragon, Bog Onion or Indian turnip. 

This plant can fool you into thinking that it may be poison ivy with the appearance of its leaves. 

It will bloom though, and you will see different. This is a very poisonous plant and was used by Native Americans to poison their enemies. This plant has also been known to treat snakebites by the Native Americans. If this plant is eaten, it can cause a nasty irritation to the mouth and digestive tract. This plant will look great in a flower garden or natural area. These look great when used to landscape around your home. This flower will be gorgeous when in bloom and you will enjoy watching it grow and bloom in your gardens. It grows great in partially shaded areas and will also do well in full shade. It loves any soil condition and is a very hardy plant. You can order as many of these plants as you need to fill those gardens from great online plant and tree nurseries. They will be shipped to you in top quality condition, and you will be well satisfied when you receive these plants for your gardens. You can plant these into your gardens as soon as they arrive at your door. This plant can grow to be around 2 feet tall when fully grown. These plants will give you gardens an exceptional look when they are in bloom.

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