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Trumpet Vines Adds A Great Garden Addition

Trumpet Vines Adds A Great Garden Addition

Posted by Tammy Sons on 15th Nov 2019

Add color to your garden with the vibrant Trumpet Vine

Trumpet vines can add a touch of glory to your garden with their exquisite beauty. They produce multi-colored flowers in the shades of yellow, orange, and red. If the vines are left with pods, you can expect a variety of birds to chirp in your garden in the winters. Bees, wasps, and hummingbirds get attracted when the vines are in full bloom.

Plant Trumpet Vines today

The vines are suitable to grow in almost any type of soil, except wet and heavy soils. Their transplantation is easy, and they can grow out of cuttings. They can also tolerate drought conditions, and can also grow in elevated regions. You can easily buy them from a good wholesale nursery company.

However, the challenge with trumpet vines is that they can be highly invasive if the conditions are very conducive to their growth. Therefore, you need to apply some caution if you wish to grow these vines. The most important tip is never to plant them up against a building structure or house. If there is a fence between sidewalks, or there are paths or isolated walls in your landscape, you can use them to plant these vines.

Another good idea to contain the growth this vine may be to plant it in a large, bottomless container or bucket. If there is a pole in your landscape, allow the vine to climb around it, and mow away the shoots periodically to contain its spread. Some gardeners also deadhead this vine and trim it regularly in spring and fall to prevent it from shooting off.

Avoid planting trumpet vines against a tree in your garden, because there is the risk that the vines may eventually strangle the tree. It is advisable to wear gloves while handling this vine because there may be a chance of getting rashes on the skin. With these simple precautions, you can plant these vines in your garden successfully. Check out any leading online plant nursery for these vines to adorn your landscape.

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