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Growing Native Plants In Your Home Garden And Landscaping

Growing Native Plants In Your Home Garden And Landscaping

Posted by Tammy Sons on 26th Jan 2016

Growing Native Plants In Your Home Garden

Native plants are the naturally occurring species that can be found in a given area.

Most of the native plants, trees, birds, and butterflies are on the verge of extinction because of increased urbanization. Deforestation has also resulted in damaging the natural habitat of native plants and trees.

There have been continuous efforts to control this problem and reforestation is being conducted on large scales to make up for the loss. As an avid gardener, you can also do your bit by growing some native plants and wildflowers in your yard. By doing so, you will contribute towards preserving native species, and you will also provide a natural habitat for many wonderful birds, butterflies, and bees.

Planting native varieties are fairly easy, and they thrive once they are established. Native species are known to be very adaptable, and they do well in local climatic conditions.

You can choose native varieties for your garden that are found in your area. These plants do not require much care and maintenance. Once they are established, they grow and spread vigorously.

These plants are also disease and drought tolerant to quite an extent so you would not have to use any harmful chemicals and pesticides in your garden. Apart from this, you will also end up saving a lot of water and energy as these plants require less watering and almost no fertilization if they are being grown in native areas.

With so many benefits involved, you can certainly try growing native plants in your home garden. You will not only promote biodiversity by growing these species, but you will also make your garden much more appealing. Most of these plants are very vibrant, bright and colorful. You can grow them to attract local wildlife like scintillating butterflies, tiny birds, native bees and other interesting insects. By growing them, you will not only promote native plants but also provide food and cover to native wildlife.

Your garden will be bursting with life and lively colors if you grow native plants. You would also tend to spend more quality time amongst these beautiful plants, birds, and butterflies in your garden. Keeping it local is a great way to promote native plants and wildlife in your region. As a gardening enthusiast, you can try growing many different local varieties in your garden most of which are available in a reputed online nursery. It is advisable to purchase from a wholesale grower if you planning to landscape a large area or a huge garden as you will get better prices.

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