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Ground Cover Vines Will Help To Prevent Soil Erosion

Ground Cover Vines Will Help To Prevent Soil Erosion

Posted by Tammy Sons on Aug 20 , 2017

Ground Cover Vines 

Ground covers are the perfect plant to use for soil erosion. They will stop the soil from slipping and work well as a stabilizer. Best vines to plant for this are the English ivy plants, vinca minor, and pachysandra. Ground covers are also useful to plant under shrubs, and larger perennial plants to promote healthy roots and they also prohibit weeds from growing.

Creeping Myrtle makes an excellent plant for large areas in a garden. This plant will spread and be beautiful when in bloom. This plant will be gorgeous when in bloom and will have beautiful lavender flowers. This plant also has attractive green foliage and looks great when planted with other flowering plants.

Growing your vines

Vines that have thick fiber roots and are planted close together are perfect for keeping soil intact and work well when planted in steep hillsides or even near eroding soil near ponds. State and highway departments spend thousands of dollars on concrete and other means of prevention when vines can be used, and they are not only pleasing to the eye but work well and are much more cost efficient.

Birds love the fall purple-black berries, while the bees and other nectar lovers enjoy the tiny greenish-yellow flowers on the Hedera helix. It falls in the evergreen family, which means it is winter hardy. Therefore, it will continue to be a living part of the garden by adding an interesting contrast against the white snow.

Plant vines on steep slopes also for a nice landscaping without all the fuss and care. They are thick and dense and work well when used in places where lawn mowers are a problem to use and look great without maintenance.

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