Gardens In Song: There Have Been Many That Have Appearances

Posted by Tammy Sons on 2nd Feb 2016

Wednesday, March 16

You may go around humming in your garden, but did you ever think about how many songs there are about gardens or flowers themselves? Cole Porter's Old Fashioned Garden had everything from phlox to hollyhocks and columbines to eglantines. Eglantines are a wild rose also known as sweet briar.

The Fairy Gardeners, from the 1920's, mentions no plants itself but tells the tale of tiny fairy gardeners who do all the work for you. From planting to sowing and digging to hoeing, they seem to enjoy it all. Maybe it's the wings! We offer several kinds of phlox in our online plant nursery, including Sweet William, a wildflower known for its romantic, old fashioned shade of blue.