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Farmer's Almanac: Wisdom For Your Gardening

Farmer's Almanac: Wisdom For Your Gardening

Posted by Tammy Sons on 2nd Feb 2016

Sunday, April 3

You may have seen one at the store, but have you ever picked up a Farmer's Almanac? 

It has a lot of old-fashioned wisdom in it that can help with gardening. 

Or, if you find the advice more out of date than up to the minute, it can still be a pleasant way to pass the evening reading it as a collection of folklore.

You can find out when the phase of the moon changes and how that may or may not affect your planting schedule. Regardless of whether you find the information currently used, or just an interesting look at the old ways, this publication that started in 1792 is like a compendium of gardening wisdom down through the ages. Morning glory is an old-fashioned vine that can quickly cover an ugly fence with pretty heart-shaped leaves and large flowers. Look for it in our plant nursery.

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