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Gardening While Living In An Apartment Can Be Trickier

Gardening While Living In An Apartment Can Be Trickier

Posted by Tammy Sons on 2nd Feb 2016

Saturday, February 26

You can have quite a nice little garden.

Window boxes are not just for geraniums anymore. 

You can grow a small vegetable garden in a window box or have a nice box of herbs at your fingertips for easy supper time snipping. 

You can even focus on edible flowers to have beautiful garnishes for your salads. The sky, or the balcony, is the limit.

Since this will often be a very seasonal planting, it's okay to crowd plants a bit more than usual. However, if you live in an area where you intend to windowbox garden all year round, then follow more traditional spacing requirements. Remember that bean and pea vines can grow up a small trellis or hang over the edges to trail attractively. You might not produce enough to feed an army, but a quick nibble as you hurry by can be the quiet moment you need in your all too busy day. Look for edible blue violets in our online plant nursery.

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