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Gardening For Pleasure And How It Improves Your Health

Gardening For Pleasure And How It Improves Your Health

Posted by Tammy Sons on 16th May 2013

Gardening for Enjoyment    


Gardening can provide you with countless benefits, enjoyment being one of them, no matter what type of gardening you set out to do. 

Whether a garden is planted for food or aesthetic reasons, it is an activity that can prove productive, provide a source of exercise, is a source of education and future anticipation to see the fruits of your labor. If you are interested in improving the landscape around your home, garden plants in the form of perennials are one of the best options you can choose from. Everything from ferns to garden shrubs to coneflowers can be planted and not only thrive but return in your garden year after year.

Improving the appearance of your property can provide a sense of pride as well as enjoyment, and might even improve the property value of your home. Smaller garden beds can be created using a flourish of garden plants to add color, height, and texture to your yard. When you first begin gardening these plants might be entirely green, but soon enough they will bloom and flourish, rewarding you for all your hard work. These beds can be changed as the growing season progresses, beginning with early spring bulbs, sun-loving flowers and cold weather asters and mums.

For three season growth that will require a little more upfront effort but overall be easier to maintain, perennials in the form of a flower, shrubs, and trees can be added to any garden. Learning about these types of plants, where they grow best and watching their appearance change over time are some of the things that only a gardener can grow to appreciate. Plants like ferns are great in shaded locations where minimal care is needed, and a natural appearance is preferred. Larger plants like shrubs and Loblolly Pines are great for providing coverage or privacy.

When you need to garden for a purpose such as providing privacy to your home, as a way to cover up unsightly spots or just to provide a beautiful backdrop to the rest of your garden, shrubs, trees, and evergreens are a great option. With each of these a gardener can count on long-term results and a perpetual source of interest in the garden, winter included. Shrubs are a smart investment because they cost little upfront and become a mainstay of the home garden. With hundreds of options, choosing the perfect shrub for your garden is a matter of finding what you like and learning about which varieties will grow best in your growing zone and the location you have chosen to plant. Shrubs, like the Black Chokeberry, make a great addition to any garden. 

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