Garden On a Budget

Garden On a Budget

Posted by Tammy Sons on 27th Oct 2017

Garden On A Budget

Gardening from scratch can be an expensive venture. Fertilizer, garden plants, bare root plants, seeds, soil and more made up the expense. However, gardening does not have to break a budget. By using some simple techniques, you can start gardening and save money at the same time.

Buy Soil in Bulk and from a Local Nursery

Instead of buying soil by bag, order your soil in bulk from a tree nursery online or a local nursery in your area and save money. Ask some of your friends who are also building a garden if they need soil and you can all together buy the soil in bulk. This will give you more savings.

Gather Seeds from your Gardening Friends or Order them In Bulk

You can also save money on seeds that you have gathered from your gardening friends. Also, you can ask your friends to order your seeds as a group from a tree nursery online and have the seeds delivered to one location. This saves you and your friends from handling and shipping fees as well as the bulk order is less expensive than the smaller orders.

Purchase Second Hand Gardening Tools

Gardening tools are also important in building a garden. However, brand new tools are quite expensive. Hence, it would only be practical to buy gardening tools that are second hand. You can find a lot of second hand tools available online or from garage sales. Second hand tools cost a lot less, which saves you more money that you can spend for other gardening needs.

Make Your Own Compost

Another great money saver is making your own compost. Add kitchen wastes or grass cuttings to your composter to make lovely rich compost. This will help boost your ground soil just like using manure. You can also use this compost for potting your garden plants or bare root plants.

Make Your Own Insecticides or Pest Repellents

Making your own insecticides or pest repellents for your garden is more organic and at the same time, saves you more money. In a plastic spray bottle, add three to four drops of liquid soap and fill it up with water. This home-made pest repellent can help eradicate various bugs, cabbage white caterpillars, black fly, and greenfly. Use it on the affected garden plants until the pests are gone. Just make sure to keep the spray bottle away for children’s reach and make sure to label it properly.