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Fiddleheads: Experience The Taste Of Spring In A New Way

Fiddleheads: Experience The Taste Of Spring In A New Way

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Friday, April 1

It's time to gather fiddleheads now for your spring supper table.

What are they? Fiddleheads are the edible, early shoots of certain ferns. 

You might think, being ferns, that they would taste sort of tickly on your tongue. But, actually, since the frond has not yet unfurled, they taste very much like a spring green bean.

You can try them fresh in salads or even just raw like you might snack on a carrot. They can also be sauteed with rice, soy sauce and lemon to heighten the flavors. Next time you're stepping over spring shoots, take a bit of time to learn more about which fiddleheads are edible in your area. Some can not be eaten and are in fact dangerous, while others are quite delicious. Though many people around the world do enjoy them raw, some authorities recommend they only be eaten cooked for health and safety reasons. A variety of ferns, from maidenhair to bracken, are available in our fern section.

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