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Fall Is A Great Time For A Gardener To Plant A Garden

Fall Is A Great Time For A Gardener To Plant A Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 31 , 1969

Fall is the perfect time of the year to start a food garden.

There are several plants that thrive in this kind of weather or come into season this time of year because of the fall climate which can go from cold to mild.

Here are just a few fruits and vegetables that can grow this time of the year or can be harvested in the fall.

Apples-The best thing about growing apples is that the tree is useful year around. They start out as beautiful blooms on a tree in the spring and by the fall, green apples just in time to make pies or cider for the winter.

Artichokes can grow in the spring or the fall. Usually though in the fall, you’ll get a smaller crop, they still can produce short to medium artichokes.

Who doesn’t love a good Arugula salad this time of year? Don’t have to wait until spring to enjoy Arugula. It can grow anytime and anywhere in almost any climate.

Broccoli-Broccoli is another vegetable that can be grown year around, but it seems to be at its sweetest and tastiest in the fall when the temps come down.

Cabbage-Just like broccoli, cabbage seems to thrive in cooler temps and taste sweeter because of it. The cooler the weather, the better it tastes.

Figs-If you live in some areas of the South, you or someone you know most likely has a fig tree in their backyard. Figs are perfect for picking this time of year and can be used for such things as fig preserves.

Garlic-A lot of people may not have known or may have forgotten that the fall is garlic season. Garlic is at its best during the late summer and fall.

Grapes-Grapes tend to start to ripen in the summer, but the grape season goes into the early fall as well. So there is still plenty of time to harvest grapes to make wine or jellies.

Green Beans-Green beans taste their best during the summer and fall months and can grow anywhere around the country.

Okra-Okra loves the heat, that’s why you see plenty of it during the summer months, but okra season runs through early fall too. Okra is perfect for stews such as gumbo.

Limes and Lettuce-This fruit and vegetable grow better in the fall in warmer climates. Now, it does not mean they can’t produce in colder climates, but just keep in mind if you do decide to raise these, that it is harder to grow in colder climates.

Pumpkins-Pumpkins are mostly a winter plant, but they come into season normally in September just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving pumpkin pies.

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There are still lots of fruits and veggies that can be planted in the early part of the year that will be ready for harvest by the fall or winter.

You can also grow a lot of these fruits and veggies in the fall.

Don’t have to wait until the spring to enjoy a bumper crop. Start planting early and you can have fresh fruit and vegetables just in time for the fall and winter months.

A lot of fruits and vegetables seem to be at their best and tastiest during the fall and can be grown anytime of the year, anywhere. 

Source of Information on Fall Planting and Harvesting