Evergreen Trees Make Excellent Privacy Blinds

Posted by Tammy Sons on 3rd Feb 2016

Saturday, January 15

One of our best selling trees at our nursery is the California Privet Hedge. It's an evergreen so you will not have to worry about not having adequate privacy in the winter. An evergreen conifer never looses it's foliage. The California Privet Hedge is thick, dense and makes a hedge you can shape any way you choose. A lot of people like to shape it in squares. Its great to keeping your privacy and an excellent noise reducer. Privet Hedges are shrubs so they will not exceed heights over 6 feet. This is a low maintenance evergreen shrub.

Busy streets and sidewalks are places where homes are can never have enough privacy. Another good choice and a large evergreen conifer is the Canadian Hemlock Tree. It grows to heights of 25-30 feet and you also can shape it and keep it same with regular maintenance. Its beautiful dark emerald green delicate foliage is an upscale neighborhood landscaping favorite.

We also love the Leyland Cypress. Its a very wide spread hardy evergreen conifer tree that exceeds heights over 30 feet. We have leyland cypress trees planted around our pool and we have full privacy. Leyland cypress do best when left alone with no maintenance.