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English Ivy Plant Bringing Evergreen Back Into Style

Posted by Tammy Sons on Mar 21 , 2018

English Ivy in Your Garden

Helix here, more commonly known as the english ivy plant is an evergreen vine native to Europe and western Asia. It is a thick ground cover and is well known for its ability to climb vertical surfaces. It will grow sixty some foot vertically if given a chance. If built along the ground this ivy forms a dense mat of growth perfectly suited to preventing soil erosion.

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It has two sorts of leaves, depending on how it is grown. On creeping and climbing stems, the leaves have the well known five lobes. Rarely seen, the leaves on fertile flowering stems are unlobed and found high in the crowns of trees. It blooms in late summer; the flowers are relatively small and green. Berries are purple-black to orange-yellow and ripen in late winter making them an essential food for birds.

In the home garden, helix here is often planted on hillsides and poor areas where soil erosion is a concern. In a pleasant climate, the plants will overgrow, forming beautiful greenery as they root into the ground. They prefer areas with full sun to partial shade for best growth. Ivy will still grow in full shade, but it will not be as rapid. Well, the drained soil is best for this ivy, but it tolerates wet feet. If climbing is desired, plant the vine near a wall, building or trellis. Some training at the beginning may be in order, but English Ivy will quickly take hold on the surface.

Caring for the English Ivy

Care of English Ivy is minimal. Water the plant lightly till it is established. If it rains at least an inch a week, do not water at all. After that only water during extreme heat or drought. Helix here will not require much if any fertilizer. If desired, apply two tables spoons of slow acting nitrogen fertilizer in the spring. In general, English ivy grows densely as a ground cover and requires little care, but you may occasionally need to pull a stray weed.

In no time your home and garden will be graced with the lush Old World style of English Ivy. Your hillsides will be green, the ivy on any wall or building is stately, and the overall effect is of a timeless English estate. With minimal work on your part and maximum impact in the gardens, it is a perfect garden plant for the home gardener.

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