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Creeping Myrtle Adds Beauty To A Garden And Landscape

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jul 13 , 2014

If you are interested in a plant that will be low maintenance, beautiful, and spreads fast, then you may be interested in Creeping Myrtle. 

With its shiny, evergreen leaves and star-shaped, inch wide purplish-blue blossoms, it is a beautiful addition to any landscape area or garden. There are several varieties of this lovely plant, including some that have a variegated leaf with white and green colored leaves. Creeping myrtle will bloom throughout early spring to early summer. Any time that the stems of this plant hit the ground it will take root. It is how this plant spreads. It can grow anywhere that the soil is kept moist and damp. It is a vine which spreads quickly and is also known as periwinkle vinca minor. Many gardeners use this plant in areas where other plants do not do well. It can be an excellent solution to any area of the yard or landscape that grass and other plants will not grow in.

And since is such a low-maintenance plant, it is the preferred plant by gardeners.

It is drought tolerant, mostly resistant to many pests, and it has been known to repel deer. Deer is immune to this plant or landscape, and this little jewel could be what you are looking. One drawback of this plant, however, is that it is considered an invasive plant. It means that once you plant it, and it has taken to the soil, it can be challenging to get rid. This plant will have to be dug up roots, and all. This plant that will do great in the sun or shade is fast growing with beautiful blooms and is deficient maintenance, and then the Creeping Myrtle can grow in any landscape. Just make sure that before you plant it, that it is the plant you want. It can add beauty to any garden or landscape area.

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