Chickens Make Great Fertilizer And Other Benefits As Well

Posted by Tammy Sons on 2nd Feb 2016

Monday, August 8

When it comes to your home or yard, so many people these days are starting to invest in chickens and poultry because of all the extra benefits.

Chickens can not only save you money when it comes to getting fresh eggs from them but also allows you to get great fertilizer and compost from them as well. Chickens can provide us with fresh eggs which can save you time and money, but they also produce very thick and rich soil or fertilizer with their droppings and leftover scraps so that you can use them around your flowers, roses, strawberry or berry plants and shrubs as well as even plant your garden in it.

We have always had chickens and reaped the benefits for having them thanks to all of the fresh eggs that they provided us with, but the one year that we decided to clean out their lot and use the fertilized soil around our garden was one of the best gardens I think that we ever had.