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Berry Plant Production Farms

Berry Plant Production Farms

Posted by Dennis Sons on 26th Oct 2017

Top Choices In Berry Plants For Fruit Production

When it comes to berry plants, you want to know the highest yielding plants for the most fruit production. When it comes to berry plants, you have a few that yield a high output of fruit. What this will mean for you is less time spent on things that do not matter. These berries include:

Blue Berry



Everything You Need To Know About The Blue Berry

The blueberry plant is probably the easiest to grow. It will grow the best in a pH soil of between 4.5 and 5.5. These plants love to be in acidic soil. If the pH is too high, then it will turn yellow and die. You want to plant this plant during fall, early winter or early spring. These plants are hardy, so there is no need to protect them. You can buy berry plants at an online nursery. It is convenient.

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Learning About The Raspberry Plant

With the raspberry plant, you need to avoid heavy clay soil. This is one soil that this plant does not grow well in. You also need good soil aeration because root rot frequently occurs with these plants. The fruits of this plants are high in vitamin A and C. Between eight and six hours of sunshine per day is typically the best for the best results. Also, do not plant this plant within 300 feet of a blackberry bush. The reason is that this plant is subject to the same fungus that can occur with the other. You also should not plant in ground that has been grown with tomatoes or potatoes in the last year due to the fungus.

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Getting Information About The Blackberry

This is a plant that is sometimes called brambles. In the first year, you will not see any fruit. These plants do their best in sunshine conditions; however, be careful because they have many prickles. They are easy to grow, and the yield is always good. You should grow these plants about three to four feet apart.

All these berries can be frozen for use later. You can buy berry plants at an online nursery. This is a good choice because you will have more options for what you want. These berry plants are a good choice because they give a good crop yield. Also, they are simple to grow, so you do not need to be too knowledgeable to produce them well.

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