​Advantages of Planting Fruit Trees

Posted by Tammy Sons on 13th Nov 2015

Fruit trees are a highly desirable tree for any setting. They have many benefits besides their ability to provide succulent fruits. One of the main benefits is the wonderful shade that these trees provide. Some species, like apple trees, can grow quite large. Apple trees provide a great spot for children to play beneath or for the ample shade that they can give to any space. The delicious apples are just a small benefit, the trees blossoms and overall appearance make them a must have in any landscape. They are also drought tolerant plants.

Cherry trees are another tree that is quite desirable for those designing a landscape. They come in many varieties from the weeping versions to those that product eatable fruits. Cherries are very expensive to buy in the store. People love to cook with cherries to create things like pies and jellies. With the concern of all the pesticides and people turning to organic foods, growing fruits, like those on cherry trees, is always better for the family. Fruit trees are also decidious trees. Red maple is another vast favorite you can plant near fruit trees without disturbing them.

Unfortunately, all trees won’t grow in all zones, and some trees are hardier than others. Take for instance pear trees; they can be grown in most locations, as long as they have full sun. These trees can live up to 60 years and produce juicy fruits after the first year. There is nothing better than biting into a fresh pear, especially one that is home grown. Pear trees make great snacks for anyone. They are packed full of necessary nutrients, like potassium, fiber and magnesium. 

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Can anything be more amazing than a fresh, juicy peach? Peach trees have many advantages, but they like the temperatures hot. Most peaches are grown in the South because they need the direct sun and plenty of it. Making peach preserves or a decadent peach pie is a major advantage. Not having to go to the store to buy peaches, but just picking them from the tree is a real treat. Peach trees were imported here from China. They are stocked full of vitamins, another major benefit, like the necessary vitamin C they provide. Vineyard vines are fun with fruit trees too.

Every consider plum trees? Plum trees are a very beautiful variety for any landscape. The deep purple blooms and the numerous varieties make them a great selection. These trees are perfect because they will grow almost anywhere in the entire country. Plumb trees can make the most luscious desserts and are very good for the body. While not the most popular fruit, these little purple wonders can pack Beta-carotene, vitamin C and various other necessary vitamins and minerals. 

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Is there anything better than a fresh fig cookie? Fig trees are considered highly desirable because figs are one of the staples of any diet. The great thing about fig trees, they can handle the cold, which means they can grow most anyplace. They come in many varieties, even a weeping fig. Rather than paying the costly prices for these store bought delights, grow them in the backyard and have ample quality. 

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Fruit trees have a dual purpose; they look beautiful and provide great fruits. They have fragrant blossoms and then amazing fruit, why wouldn't someone want them as part of their landscape?

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