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Adding A Waterfall Or Water Feature Can Make It POP!

Adding A Waterfall Or Water Feature Can Make It POP!

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 26 , 2016

Adding a waterfall to an existing water garden can be a simple project. 

You will need to purchase a pump for your waterfall from a home and garden center.

You may also want to order some water plants from an online plant nursery. You will get the better prices when ordering online and great shipping prices. You will need some extra rocks and stones. Finding these stones can be a great project for your family. You will also need to make sure that your water garden has a source of electricity because you will need to plug the pump up. Your pump will keep the water circulating in the water garden and will pump the water up to the waterfall. You will need to stack a few stones up where you would like the waterfall to be located in your water garden. Let the stones hang over the edge a little bit so that the water can create a waterfall. Make sure that the stones are not loose so they will not fall into the water garden. Make sure that your electrical wires are covered and protected from the weather. You can cover them with dirt and stones. You can make the waterfall as high or as small as you would like. Just make sure that the stones are secure and will not topple over. You can also use a little cement to help the stones and rocks stay in place. You will also want to place your waterfall where it can be seen and enjoyed by everyone. Building your waterfall with stones and rocks will give your water garden a natural look. You can also get more information online or at your local garden center as to what type of pump you will need to purchase.

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