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Acorns: Surprisingly Versatile And A Great Crafting Agent

Acorns: Surprisingly Versatile And A Great Crafting Agent

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 03 , 2016

Tuesday, September 13

Acorns – who would have thought that there were so many things to do with one

When it comes to Acorns so many of us get so aggravated with them during the fall months because they can be so aggravating, acorns are annoying to step on because many people get hurt on them every year by stepping on them which causes them to roll, and people end up falling, spraining ankles, feet, and even their legs or knees. But not many people know all of the many benefits of acorns.

Feed animals and your family with Acorns

Acorns can be used to feed many different types of wildlife such as deer, squirrels and other types of animals. Millions of dollars are spent every fall and winter purchasing acorns so that hunters can attract deer for the killing and provide meat for their family.

Acorns can also be purchased as a staple item or family food. Acorn bread, jam and many others types of acorns are used to make tasty food.

You can even purchase acorns for crafts for vacation bible school, weddings, the holidays and much more.

So the next time you see those pesky little acorns, stop and realize all of the useful things that you can do with them. Or the next time your neighbor or someone you know has some that they are complaining about, go ahead and gladly take them off of their hands so that you can save yourself money in the long run!

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