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 Activities For Kids In The Garden

Activities For Kids In The Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 03 , 2016

Friday, September 23

Autumn Activities

Autumn is the perfect time to engage your children in various interesting activities. Kids love to do innovative things by using their imagination and ideas. The activities are not only fun for the children, but they also help them to become more creative.

You can introduce them to various gardening activities like pruning, composting, mulching and collecting dried leaves. All these tasks can easily be accomplished by children, and you can do them all in autumn season when there is plenty of scopes.

Have fun with the whole family

Autumn or Fall is also the time when you have baskets in hand for picking ripe fruits from the fruit trees in your garden. Children also love picking fruits, and they love to devour fresh fruits in the garden as soon they pick them. If you have had a great harvest season, then you can utilize excess quantities of fruits in making preserves and jams for coming seasons. Some of the recipes made from fresh fruits have been passed down for generations, and you can also make your children learn them.

Art and crafts arouse a lot of interest in children. You can give them many such creative activities like making scarecrows in the garden, coloring pots, and containers, making plant markers for the bulbs or seeds you have recently sown in flower beds, etc. You can also make decorative pieces or lanterns from dried pumpkins and gourds.

Another important activity that can serve educational purposes is to make a collage out of dried leaves. You can ask the kids to collect dried leaves or flowers and make collages. Leaf pressing is an interesting activity which helps the children to identify different types of leaves and flowers. Autumn is also the season when a lot of birds are attracted to the garden to feed on seeds and spent flowers. This is the perfect time to educate children about different bird species. This way they will feel closer to nature and enjoy the pleasures that it has to offer.

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