NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

It is coming up in summertime, there seems like there are so many different things to do.

Thinking about building a new patio or deck, expanding an existing one, adding a new flower bed or garden to your already new home or maybe just adding a few new plants in order to enjoy your backyard even more than you already do.

There seems like there are endless possibilities when it comes to landscaping, you can do whatever you can imagine or dream.

Who doesn’t like going to a local nursery or garden center and shopping for flowers and plants? Walking around a garden center is fun and exciting and gives us a sense of pride and accomplishment because it doesn’t take long for our yard to start looking once again magnificent and in full bloom. But, does sometimes seem like it can be a hassle for us to go to the local garden center, what if there was an easier way?

There is, at TN Nursery you can shop from the convenience of your home or office and have the plants delivered directly to your home or office. They have many plants, trees and shrubs to choose from such as the hummingbird vine, clematis, English ivy pecan trees, peach trees, plum trees, coontail, water lily and so much more.

TN Nursery takes pride in all of their products and is a wholesale nursery which means that they can save you lots of money because they sell all their products in bulk which means that the savings can be passed onto you the consumer. Why not shop with TN Nursery?

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