Garden Scorpions: Are They A Friend Or A Dangerous Foe?

23rd Aug 2012

  Believe it or not, gardening scorpions are out there and are more likely to get into your garden if you live in places out west. Contrary to popular belief, there are many varieties of scorpions that are not harmful with their stinging potency akin to a simple bee sting. However, if you live an area where scorpions are common, you may want to do some research to distinguish the poisonous and non-poisonous ones. Regardless of the stinging tips, gardening scorpions should be kept out of gardens to avoid getting stung, especially if you have children or poets. Many gardening scorpions are simply in search of food or looking for some shade to reside in. In either case, do not get panicked. It may be quite a jarring sight to see scorpions in your yard, but all it takes are some salad tongs to pick up these arachnids and carried far away from your garden. Scorpions are beneficial to the environment because they eat pests like roaches. As beneficial as they are to the environment, you still do not want them lingering around your garden.

You can try to use various methods in getting rid of gardening scorpions, but do not go scorpion chasing since you will have a higher chance of getting stung. If your yard or home is infested with scorpions, be sure to contact your local pest control or use organic chemicals tailored for arachnids. However, large scorpion infestations are rare since scorpions are mostly solitary by nature. After seeing gardening scorpions, be sure to seal any cracks or crevices in your home to prevent them from getting into your home. If you have seen numerous gardening scorpions around your yard then you may to check inside your home to make sure none of them have snuck in. Scorpions radiate in the dark so use black or UV lighting to spot them. Check dark areas such as the basement or in closets. Scorpions love dark corners and crevices.

When it comes to the outdoors, make it harder for them to hide by removing log piles or rocks. With the abundance of cockroaches, ants and crickets will also come gardening scorpions looking for a meal. If your home or garden is infested with ants or any other pest then contact your local pest control. If you do not want chemicals getting around your plants, there are organic pesticides available that will treat any infestation while keeping your yard safe from synthetic chemicals. You can either make these chemicals from scratch or buy them from local stores.

These are not the deadly scorpions that reside in the sandy deserts, but more of your house variety scorpion that live under rocks and burrows. Gardening scorpions can be compared to your normal house spider. If you are someone who lives out west and is prone to keeping a messy garden then you may want to consider some tidying up to avoid having gardening scorpions reside in your backyard. Many scorpions are not poisonous, but they can be harmful to humans and animals, and they are never hesitant about using their stingers if feeling threatened.