NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Get ready to create a beautiful container garden that all the neighbors will be the envy.

These beautiful gardens can be just about put anywhere on a lawn where some color and life are needed.

They are high to put under more massive trees where little grass is. There are all varieties of perennials that will look gorgeous in a container garden as they begin to grow and flourish. They will look fantastic and add many colors to the area because each container can hold a different flower color. Some perennials will grow and thrive very well in partial and fully shaded areas. These will work great in small or large containers and scattered under a tree. Fill the area in with mulch, pine needles, or even small stones, and then scatter the pots and containers all around. Different colors of bottles will look great during the spring and summer months. Containers can also be all the same color and size, which will create a perfect look on a lawn. Container gardens are a great way to relieve unwanted stress as you plant these remarkable plants and begin to watch them grow and become beautiful. When a homeowner lets their imagination go when planning a container garden, it will become a focal point on the lawn and will be beautiful when completed. These beds are great because they can create with old flower pots and containers that one can stack up or lie around the yard.

Source to Buy a Variety of Plants Used for Container Gardening