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​Furniture as Plant Holders

​Furniture as Plant Holders

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 03 , 2014

We all probably have old furniture items sitting in sheds or other places. These are great items to create an exceptional look and feel to areas when used as planters. Imagination can go wild when using these items and can brighten an area up with color.

There may be an old dresser or an old desk that is just not going to work if it can be restored. These items can be painted in very bright colors if the homeowner likes. 

They can be kept looking old and worn. These items make great plant holders, and plants can also be planted right into the drawers of these items. 

They will make an area look very personal and unique in every way. Decals can also be added to these items that will make them look unique in specific areas. These are great to place on a deck or patio and will also look amazing on a very large porch. The drawers of a dresser can be staggered, and potting soil can be added to each drawer. Bright plants and flowering plants can be added to the drawers. Also, vines would look beautiful added to the drawers, and they would flow down the front as they began to grow. Holes can also be cut in the tops of dressers or desks to place flower pots in so that there would be flowers and plants on the top of the item. One can use ivy, perennials and other plants to help add color.

A great place to order plants and flowers, like the Jewelweed is from is from an online plant nursery. These are great because they will give growing information such as soil conditions and lighting conditions that can be needed for each plant ordered. They will also ship and make sure that the plants arrive in healthy condition. These plants can also be purchased in large quantities so the homeowner will be sure to have the right amount of plants needed to fill areas.

Source of Information on Using Old Furniture as Planters