NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Full Shade

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Full Shade

Buy Shade Plants for your Gardening Needs from Tn Nursery

Shade Plants can thrive in Most places where little Sunlight Abounds

It's possible to add splashes of color to shady areas of your garden when you're familiar with your options in shade plants. They come in colors like purple, silver, lilac, wine red, white, pink and yellow. Examples of shade plants that can add color to shady parts of your garden are Dead Nettle, Astilbe, Primula and Japanese Forest Grass. 

Full Shade plants do not need a lot of help thriving

Dead Nettle (Lamium Maculatum) 

Featuring silvery foilage and colorful blooms in early summer, Dead Nettle is a beautiful choice in shade plants. Blooms can be white, pink, red or purple. Its height varies from 7.9–31.5". In cold winters, it stays closer to the ground, and in the spring, it grows taller. 


Astilbe has vibrant flower plumes that add standout color to your garden. Nicknames for this plant are false goat's beard and false spirea. Available colors include crimson, pale pink, salmon pink, pink, white and mauve. The foilage varies in color as well with colors like bronze, dark green, blue green, wine red and pale green. 

Primula (Primrose) 

With primula, also known as primrose, you have over 400 species to choose from. Sizes vary widely from 3 inches to 4 feet tall. And they are available in many different colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. On our site, you can narrow down your search to bloom color to quickly find the varieties you're interested in. 

Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa) 

Another interesting shade plant you could grow in your garden is Japanese Forest Grass. Its foilage is golden green, variegated, or lime green. In autumn, the plant turns red, purple or orange. Japanese Forest Grass is around 12-15" tall and is considered an ornamental grass. 

Shade plants are normally the small plants that accent your garden

It's easy to add fun splashes of color to your garden in shaded areas when you're knowledgeable of the possibilities. Many of these plants are easy to grow as well. To find the perfect plant for your garden, you can browse our categories narrowing down specific characteristics, such as bloom color, usage, height at maturity and zone.


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