Full Landscaping Staging Package

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This Package will cover Approx.1 Acre


5 Shade Trees - Shade Trees Get Large and Needs To Be Planted 15-20 Feet Away From A Home

3 Flowering Trees - Flowering Trees Tend To Not Get To Large and Needs To be Planted At Least 10-15 Feet From A House

5 Evergreen Conifers- Excellent To Plant Shrubs In Border Areas, Close To A Home's Foundation Or Walkway. Evergreen Trees Needs To Be Planted 20+ Feet Away From A House

5 Flowering Shrubs -  Perfect For Areas Of Borders, Sidewalks, Against A Home's Foundation or Under Windows

3 Berry Bushes - Perfect To Plant In Edges Of Property Lines. Attracts Lots Of Wildlife

3 Bird Attracting Plants- Plant In The Middle Of Your Lawn

2 Butterfly Bushes - Plant Near Edges Of Your Lawn or Underneath Windows To Watch Monarchs

25 Mixed Perennials - Perennials Can Be Planted In Flower Beds Or Near A Home In Areas Where They Won't Get Trampled Down

25 Mixed Fern Plants - Plant In The Shade or Partial Sun


Recommended- 1 Package For Front, 1 Package For Back and 1 Will Cover 2 Sides.